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Power Hydraulics has been going through an active name change to Power Systems Corp. Please continue to view our News section for all relevant upcoming information and also stay connected through following and linking our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Power Systems, a privately held Canadian company established in 2009, is a leader in Repair, Overhaul, and servicing of helicopter hydraulic systems for the Sikorsky S61, S76, UH-60, Bell B206, B212, B205, B214, UH-1H and Eurocopter AS350 aircraft. Recently, Power Systems has officially completed their name change; reflecting transformation within the company which now focuses on many areas of aviation, rather than their previous focus of just Helicopter Hydraulics.

Based out of Langley, Canada, Power Systems has recently expanded shops into Salt Lake City, USA; Bogota, Colombia; and Stockholm, Sweden.

Their team of experienced and devoted technicians allow Power Systems to provide unrivaled capabilities to both military and commercial operators around the world as well as 24/7 customer support.

Canada's Controlled Goods Program - #25208

EASA Certified Facility - EASA.145.7225

ANAC Certified Facility

Defense Logistics Agency Central Contractor - NCAGE #L9778

Member of Helicopter Association International

Member of Helicopter Association of Canada