Power Systems is now doing Wheels & Brakes. To see a more detailed breakdown of our capabilities please view each category below. You can also download our entire wheels and brakes capabilities list in PDF format by clicking the following link PDF Power Systems Brochure.

Wheels & Brakes

DescriptionPart NumberAlternate
Brake Assembly5002116
Brake Assembly5002376551-720
Brake Assembly9550273
Brake Assembly030-1500030-150
Brake Assembly030-1890X 30-189X
Brake Assembly100-380011-12-1573
Brake Assembly101-8001-X2-1301
Brake Assembly115-8001-32-1138
Brake Assembly2-1174-1
Brake Assembly2-1203-X
Brake Assembly2-1329-3
Brake Assembly2-1435-2551-740
Brake Assembly2-1445-1
Brake Assembly2-1466-3/4
Brake Assembly2-1479-1
Brake Assembly2-1502-39914136-9
Brake Assembly2-1517
Brake Assembly2-1517-X
Brake Assembly2-1522-12-1522-1
Brake Assembly2-1528-69912246-27
Brake Assembly2-1530-49912246-28
Brake Assembly2-15652-1565
Brake Assembly2-1574
Brake Assembly2-1576101-380096-1
Brake Assembly2-1580
Brake Assembly2-1585
Brake Assembly2-1599
Brake Assembly2-16569912561-3
Brake Assembly2-1661
Brake Assembly2-1674-1
Brake Assembly30-106551-729
Brake Assembly30-142551-745
Brake Assembly30-146030-14600
Brake Assembly30-162030-16200
Brake Assembly30-204A030-20401
Brake Assembly5003096-46600330-7
Brake Assembly5003096-65003096-6
Brake Assembly5003096-76600330-21
Brake Assembly5004190-645AS38202-017
Brake Assembly5006749-5114-388024-1
Main Brake Assembly2-1529-X9912222-1X
Main Wheel Assembly3-1208-150-300010-133
Main Wheel Assembly3-1283
Main Wheel Assembly3-1341-1101-8001-47
Main Wheel Assembly3-1490-19912222-11
Main Wheel Assembly5007397-1
Nose Wheel Assembly3-14189914069-2
Nose Wheel Assembly3-1442
Nose Wheel Assembly3-1481101-8026-5
Wheel Assembly 040-23901
Wheel Assembly 3-1548-1